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Young man tasered by police after refusing to stop having sex with car exhaust




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Police were forced to taser a drunken young man after the persistent man refused to stop trying to have sex with a car exhaust in full view of the public. The incident occurred in Newton, Kansas.

According to the Metro, the police found 24-year-old Ryan Scott Malek in a questionable position, trying to have sex with the exhaust pipe of a car, as six witnesses watched him. The police later discovered that Malek’s blood alcohol level was four times the legal alcohol limit at the time.

The police claim that Malek was “oblivious” to what he was doing but refused to quit and so, they decided to taser him.

Malek was conveyed to the hospital where he sobered up. He was later charged in court for his indecent exposure of his private parts. Court documents show that Malek “intentionally” and “publicly” exposed his penis.

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The young man later pleaded guilty to lewd and lascivious behaviour and was sentenced to probation for one year.

Police arrest logs show that Malek was previously arrested in February this year for aggravated assault and use of a deadly weapon.

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