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Vile father who raped one-month-old baby and broke her bones jailed for 240 years




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A drug-addled parent who raped his own newborn daughter and crushed her body so violently that he broke her legs and ribs has been sentenced to three terms of 80 years in jail, or a total of 240 years in jail.

The court heard that 27-year-old Patricio Medina from Waco, Texas was in a “meth-fuelled haze” when he sexually assaulted his one-month-old child in a horror attack in which the baby was squeezed, shaken and crushed so badly that her legs and ribs were shattered.

The incident that occurred in March 2014 just wrapped up in court. Prosecutor Gabrielle Massey asked the jurors:

“My question is what has he done to deserve anything less than life? What more horrific of a crime could there be for a man who is supposed to love and protect the life he brought into this world, and instead, he shatters her body in sick sexual fulfillment.

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“All that baby needed was love and safety. The man that was supposed to give that to her instead taught her the true horrors of the world. Thank God he did not kill her tiny body, but he killed her soul.”

Medina, who was also fined USD $10,000, will have to serve a third of the 240 years before he can be up to be considered for parole.

Meanwhile, the baby’s mother, Lisa Montoya has also been charged with abandoning/endangering a child and an affidavit states she put the child in imminent danger of death, bodily injury or physical or mental impairment since she did not report the horrific abuse to the authorities.

The young survivor, now a tender four years old, is reportedly “doing well” in the care of a family who adopted her and both her siblings.

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