Featured News Vegetarian restaurant owner kills customer, cuts up and cooks his body before...

Vegetarian restaurant owner kills customer, cuts up and cooks his body before serving it to other diners




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The owner of a vegetarian restaurant in Lat Krabang, Bangkok is on the run from the police after he reportedly killed a man and disposed of the dead body by serving it to his restaurant customers in their meals.

The police were alerted to the man’s misdeeds after diners, who ordered dishes that were only supposed to contain vegetables and noodles, found chunks of meat in their meals and reported the restaurant to the local authorities.

The authorities proceeded to conduct an inspection of the restaurant and were shocked to find that the proprietor of the restaurant was serving diners human flesh.

The police were promptly called and officers reportedly found the chunks of human flesh on the floor and blood spattered on the walls inside the kitchen. They also found the remains of a¬†61-year-old man’s disfigured body in a septic tank located in the premises.

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The police have since identified the victim as a local named Prasit Inpathom who is known to frequent the restaurant. Prasit was last seen having drinks at the restaurant on 21 Oct. His brother was one of the last people to see Prasit alive.

According to the local press, Prasit was killed after he got into an argument with the restaurant owner. Local authorities examining the victim’s body found that Prasit had sustained six stab wounds to his stomach and leg besides having been hit in the head with a blunt object.

The restaurant owner has since been accused of killing Prasit, cutting his body up, cooking the flesh and serving it to his customers. It is unclear whether any diners consumed the human flesh.

The restaurant owner is still on the run from the police. Investigations are ongoing.

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