UK-Aussie trade deal ready right after Brexit is sealed


Australia’s Trade and Investment Minister, Steven Ciobo, has confirmed that a comprehensive trade deal between the UK and Australia will be ready “the day after Brexit”.

The UK’s Liam Fox met with Mr Clobo where they discussed on a free trade deal between the two countries after Brexit.

Mr Clobo said the meeting was “very good’ and confirmed the post-Brexit deal.

He also encouraged the UK to choose free trade over protectionism as it shapes its trade policy outside the European Union.

And Australia is bound to play a big role in the UK’s economic progress as Brexit opens up global free trade opportunities.

“We share big ambitions on what the UK and Australia can do on global trade.

“We haven’t done the agreement yet. It is hopefully not too long. It is very aspirational in terms of the quality of the deal.

“We would like to commence negotiations at the start of the interim period, with a view to concluding it during the interim period and have it come into force on the 1st January 2021,” he said to Bloomberg.

The Australian Trade Minister also stated that Brexit would enable the UK to do business as a “sovereign, open and free” nation.

Which is different from the UK as a member of the European Union.

“I believe that Australia and the UK should prepare now, with a sense of urgency, to negotiate as soon as possible a high quality and ambitious trade agreement of our own. So bring on prosperous, free-trading, global Britain.”

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