Featured News Trump's 50% approval rating scares globalists

Trump’s 50% approval rating scares globalists




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U.S. President Donald Trump is as disruptive as the internet is to the world, and his popularity shocks globalists.

For 50% of Americans, Trump is making America great again, and this is enough for them to give him support.

Trump’s approval rating hit 50 percent in Rasmussen’s daily presidential tracking poll Monday.

This puts him ahead of his predecessor Barack Obama at the same point in the presidency.

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Obama’s rating was at 46 percent in Rasmussen’s tracking poll on April 2, 2010.

Only two days ago, nearly all financial indicators showed soaring American optimism about the economy.

Yet, Trump’s rating was still low.

But a sudden turn of events gave the American President a new life.

Trump has banished free trade for fair trade, which gives the U.S. an edge over its competitors.

This has disrupted a well-established global trade that is dependent on free trade, and that has pushed back ‘unfair’ trade.

But Trump has turned the meaning of ‘unfair’ trade to ‘fair’ trade and said trade wars are good because they are easy to win.

However, putting this aside, a rise in Trump’s popularity in the U.S. is not a good sign for his opponents and for the globalists.

Trump’s election as President turned things around in the U.S. “America First” marked the return of isolationists with the added tint of Nazism.

Polls suggest millions of Americans find Nazi views acceptable.

And this is influencing Europe, which is turning towards right-wing extremism in the attempt to try to solve many lagging issues.

The worst is not over with Trump’s popularity rising, though.

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