Top 10 favorite gift brands of rich Chinese women


By Koh Hui Xin

The China Daily reported that Bulgari topped the list of the “Top 10 favorite gift brands of rich Chinese women”.

Conducted by the Hurun Research Institute, the Hurun Chinese Luxury Consumer Survey 2018 concluded findings on what the most popular gift brands among rich Chinese women are.

The report, which was carried out for over a decade, was based upon a survey of 463 millionaires with a personal wealth of at least 10 million yuan (S$2.1 million).

Bulgari, an Italian jewellery and luxury goods brand, topped the list, receiving 21.8 per cent of votes. Apple came in close at second place, followed by Chanel in third.

Per cent of votes (%)
Bulgari 21.8
Apple 20.9
Chanel 20.1
Louis Vuitton 11.5
Hermes 5.8
Gucci 4.5
Dior 4.4
Tiffany 4.3
La Mer 2.9
Cartier 1.5


Notable brands missing from the list include Prada, Burberry and Rolex.

Are you surprised at the survey findings?