There’ll also be a virtual-reality holodeck in the Aurora space hotel

Picture Credit: Orion Span

A Silicon Valley-and-Houston-based firm is planning Aurora Station, an outer space’s first hotel-condo.

The project, currently slated to see its first visitors in 2022, will house four guests and two crew.

But it will be at the cost of US$9.5-million per person for a full astronaut experience for 12 days in outer space, said The Globe And Mail.

The ‘hotel’ will also have a virtual-reality holodeck, “to put guests in the middle of their own science-fiction fantasy”.

“Food will be a cut above the freeze-dried ice cream astronauts eat, as Orion Span plans to partner with chefs and restaurants to find a middle ground between space food and what we have on Earth.”

“Cooking in zero gravity is a special challenge. There’s a real safety challenge but we’ll give them as luxurious a taste as possible, that’s still safe on board.”

Before climbing on to the spaceship that will make the journey to this incredible luxury space-station-cum-hotel, guests will undergo a three-month Orion Span Astronaut Certification program.

This will effectively certify them for most future space travel.

Watch the video of the promotional item about this ‘space’ hotel:

The luxury space hotel will span 5,600 square feet and feature two suites that can be configured as four, each the size of a small bedroom. There’ll be no gravity, and guests will shower and use the bathroom just like astronauts on the International Space Station. So get comfortable showering out of large plastic bags.

Aurora Station will orbit 320 kilometres above the Earth, doing a complete lap around the planet every 90 minutes. Meaning that in addition to bird’s-eye views of the Northern and Southern lights, guests will see 16 sunrises and sunsets every day.

Orion Span is also planning to partner with Elon Musk’s SpaceX as well as other private space transportation companies to get their guests to Aurora Station.