Featured News Teenager left unable to speak after being "raped by up to 12...

Teenager left unable to speak after being “raped by up to 12 men for eight hours”




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A gang rape case involving twelve rapists, including at least one military personnel, is the latest case to rock India, which is fast being dubbed the rape capital of the world – what with about 100 sexual assault cases being reported to the police each day, according to the National Crime Records Bureau.

In this latest case, a 19-year-old student was abducted from a bus stop in Mahendergarh, Haryana in North India by two men. According to the Times of India, the teenager was offered water that was possibly spiked, then thrown into a car before she was taken to a house about 40 km away.

At the house, more men arrived and reportedly took their turns raping the teenager. At least 12 men are believed to have taken part in the gang rape which occurred over an eight-hour period, according to the press.

The assailants then drove the victim back to the bus stop, called her family to collect her and dumped her.

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According to the victim’s family, the teenager has been left with a severe injuries to her back, shoulders and genitals. The teenager, who is presently undergoing treatment at a local hospital, has also been left unable to speak after the traumatising ordeal.

Her mother told The Times of India: “She has severe pain in her throat, and is unable to talk or swallow anything. They probably held her by the throat, which led to this pain.”

The police have since revealed the identity of three suspects in efforts to locate the men who have fled town. While there have been no arrests as of yet, the three suspects for now have been identified as Nishu, Manish, and army man Pankaj.

The police also believe that the suspects knew the girl and her family and had been stalking her before the pre-meditated attack.

According to Lt Gen Cherish Mathson, the Indian Army will work with the authorities to bring Pankaj to justice: “If an army personnel is involved in the crime we will ensure that the person is caught and booked for rape. We do not shelter criminals.”

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