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Teacher suspended after putting duct tape over kindergartners’ mouths for using “filthy language”




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A teacher in Gurgaon, North India has been suspended after CCTV footage caught her putting duct tape over her pupils’ mouths.

Both kindergartners, aged four, are in their first year of school and the teacher alleged that she pasted duct tape over their mouths to punish them for disrupting the class and for using “filthy language”.

CCTV footage capturing the incident shows the teacher, dressed in green, getting up and approaching a little boy. After conversing with the child, she can be seen slapping duct tape across his mouth. The teacher then approaches a little girl and does the same to her:

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The surveillance camera footage made its way online and caused swift backlash against the school, with parents raising complaints to the school management.

The management subsequently decided to suspend the teacher. School principal Mr Gururaj told the local press: “On the complaint of students’ parents, we had taken strict action and suspended the teacher.”

The teacher has reportedly defended that she only put duct tape over the children’s mouths since they were disturbing the rest of the class. She added that the toddlers sometimes exasperate her by using “filthy language”.

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