Sick married couple filmed themselves raping eight-month-old baby among other young children and uploaded videos to Facebook

YT screencapture

A vile married couple have been arrested in Texas after they filmed themselves raping young children and uploaded the videos to Facebook. 27-year-old Sarah Almaguer and her 26-year-old husband Christopher are believed to have raped up to 25 victims under the age of fourteen, including an eight-month-old baby.

According to the local press, the US Secret Service have been investigating the pair since February 21 when they were tipped off by Facebook. A complaint reportedly noted that “ reported a user for uploading suspected images and videos containing child pornography.”

The sick couple from Waco, Texas have sinceĀ pleaded guilty to one count of count of sexual exploitation and one count of production of child pornography after they admitted to uploading the videos of themselves raping their young victims to Facebook, last December.

The pair, who face 15 to 30 years in a federal prison if convicted, await sentencing on 29 January and have beenĀ remanded in custody until sentencing.