Featured News Russia-US in fierce row over Syria while anti-war activists question attack

Russia-US in fierce row over Syria while anti-war activists question attack




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U.S. President Donald Trump promised to make a decision soon on how the U.S. will respond to the chemical attack, tweeting there was a “big price to pay.”

However, Russia blocked a UN resolution that would have made it legal for the Americans to bomb Syria.

The US and Russia have traded barbs at a UN Security Council meeting on the alleged chemical attack in Syria, while Russia successfully blocked the resolution.

Russian representative Vassily Nebenzia said the incident in Douma was staged and that US military action in response could have “grave repercussions”.

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Russia has also urged the US to avoid taking military action in response to an alleged chemical attack in Syria.

“I would once again beseech you to refrain from the plans that you’re currently developing,” Moscow’s UN envoy Vasily Nebenzia said on Tuesday.

China has also called upon the U.S. for a calm assessment of the situation before making any plans to attack Syria.


There are many questions on whether the Bashar Al-Assad regime would use chemical weapons and attract the scorn of its powerful Western enemies.

Alex Jones, a pro-Trump administration supporter and well-known anti-war campaigner during the George W. Bush and Barack Obama tenures took the position against a U.S. attack on Syria.

Jones said all evidence points towards false flag in the Syrian chemical attack, which he said was meant to keep the U.S. in Syria just as Trump announced withdrawing his troops.

In another video, Jones said it was proven that Jihadists fighting the Assad regime had deployed chemical weapons against civilians in a bid to throw the blame on the Syrian regime.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson questioned “the official story” on the alleged Syrian chemical attack.

He asked why would the government of Assad use chemical weapons to attack a rebel-held enclave near Damascus on Saturday.

“It ought to make you nervous that both Republicans and Democrats agree Assad’s regime was behind the attack that left at least 48 people dead, including several children,” he said.

“Of course they don’t really know that. They’re making it up. They have no real idea of what happened,” he said.

The government and rebels both have chemical weapons, Carlson said, and Assad wouldn’t have to use chlorine gas because he’s winning the war and President Trump recently said he wants to pull all U.S. troops out of the country.


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