Featured News President's praise of military personnel as Commander-in-Chief attacked with barrage of tweets...

President’s praise of military personnel as Commander-in-Chief attacked with barrage of tweets by Trump-haters




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On Jul 8, at the height of the massive search-and-rescue operation after a teenage football team and their coach went missing during a cave excursion on June 23, President Donald Trump tweeted in support of the rescue efforts.

President Trump said: “The U.S. is working very closely with the Government of Thailand to help get all of the children out of the cave and to safety. Very brave and talented people!”

His tweet was however was almost immediately met with scorn and ridicule.

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Others tried to link the reversed child separation policy with the President’s tweet.

Yet others suggested that the Americans didn’t even lend a hand at the rescue.

But the fact is, more than 30 US military personnel with specialists from Australia, Britain, Japan, China, Myanmar and Laos, joined about 1,000 Thai rescuers in the massive search-and-rescue effort. And it is also not unusual for President Trump, as Commander in Chief, to praise the valiant and noble efforts of his military personnel.

The 12 boys and their soccer coach were all successfully rescued from inside a flooded Thai cave for 17 days and are recovering at a hospital.

Thailand’s Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha has thanked people involved in the rescue mission saying the government’s efforts, the assistance of people in Thailand and abroad, and the outpouring of moral support made the mission a success.

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