Featured News Nursery worker kicks disabled child in head just for pooping in diapers

Nursery worker kicks disabled child in head just for pooping in diapers




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A shocking video of a nursery school worker physically abusing a disabled child has been going viral online, and it appears that the worker assaulted the defenceless child simply because she pooped in her diapers.

The disturbing mobile phone footage capturing the incident shows the angry worker standing over a child who is laying on the floor, before kicking the child’s head and smashing a heavy backpack on the child’s face, shouting “You are stupid!”

The child, who cannot walk, lays on the floor with her wheelchair close by. The poor child does not appear to know how to react and simply looks up at the worker, without crying or calling out for help.

The worker then shouts at the child, “Come here and let me clean you up,” before telling a colleague: “I have been telling her to stop moving and to sit still. She is stupid, she understands what I am saying. She is just acting silly.”

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The worker then proceeds to change the child’s diaper before hitting the child around her head again:

The incident took place in a nursery in Jukskei Park, Johannesburg, in South Africa, that is apparently owned by a local doctor. The small facility reportedly takes care of three disabled children.

Local authorities have confirmed to the media that the worker caught in the viral video has been fired from the nursery.

Social workers are reportedly investigating the incident. Authorities have also reached out to the family of the child and will reportedly assist the family to pursue criminal proceedings against the centre.

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