Americans hit back New York Daily News mocking Trump as “clown who plays king” on Independence Day


The New York Daily News released its July 4 holiday edition with a front page mocking Trump as nothing more than a “clown who plays king.”

The paper is the ninth-most widely circulated daily newspaper in the United States with a daily circulation of 200,000, and has not shied-away from mocking Trump and his supporters, since his election into Office in 2016. It’s Independence Day edition cover featured a photoshopped image of Trump in clown makeup and a broken gold crown, with an American flag in the background.

Above Trump’s face was tagline: “Happy Birthday, America!”

The Paper criticised the President of the United States as a mere clown who is not in step with American values. it’s headline read: “The clown who plays king can’t overthrow the bedrock values this nation was founded on 242 years ago today.”