Mauritius President mired in financial scandal, set to quit


Mrs. Ameenah Gurib-Fakim is set to quit as President of Mauritius in the wake of a motion of no confidence at the Parliament by Labour MP Shakeel Mohamed.

She is the first woman President of the tiny Indian Ocean Island paradise.

The opposition parties are ganging up against her after the motion of no confidence was proposed by Mohamed.

Mohamed said in his letter that the House has no confidence in Her Excellency, The President of the Republic, Mrs. Ameenah Gurib-Fakim.

The opposition parties are indeed a minority in the Parliament but recent disclosures of details linking the President to one Alavro Sobrinho.

Now that the President is accused of obtaining a Platinum Card followed by large expenditures, a source said it is time for her to quit.

Banking transactions shows the card was from the Planet Earth Institute (PEI) which is Sobrinho’s foundation.

The media in Mauritius is stating that records show that Gurib-Fakim’s credit card had facilities worth RS 1 million.

The limit was increased following the submission of a document (resolution from the PEI) to the Barclays Bank in Mauritius.

The purchase of an Apple Laptop at the Apple Store de Washington D. C. and the records of other seemingly personal expenses by the President are published on Motinews.

Records is said to show the card was also used in December 2016 for more than Rs 90 000 purchases at Roberto Naldi.