Uncategorized Massive sinkhole splits open sidewalk and swallows pedestrian whole

Massive sinkhole splits open sidewalk and swallows pedestrian whole




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Pedestrians at Lanzhou City, China on Sunday were stunned when a massive sinkhole split a sidewalk open and swallowed one woman whole. The woman, who plunged 10 feet after the ground collapsed under her, miraculously survived the ordeal.

Surveillance cameras from the area caught the horrifying moment the pedestrian was sucked down.

In the video, the woman can be seen innocently walking across a rather wide sidewalk, stopping momentarily as though something is amiss, before the ground opens up under her feet. The woman can be seen stumbling forward and hitting her head before falling down, out of sight:

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Passersby worked quickly to recover the woman. Despite initial fears that their attempts may end in failure since the ground may crumble further, the woman was successfully rescued from the sinkhole with a rope.

The woman was conveyed to the hospital, where she is receiving treatment for her injuries – notably fractured ribs that she sustained during the fall.

Local police, in the meantime, fenced off the area around the sinkhole to prevent accidents as curious passersby attempt to take a closer look.

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