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Man dies after being bitten by venomous snake he used to threaten woman after rape




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A man in Fuzhou, Jiangxi, China was found dead after he was bitten by a venomous pet snake he had allegedly used to threaten a woman into having sex with him again after raping her.

The Shanghaiist reports that the incident occurred last Thursday, shortly after the man checked into a hotel in the region with his three pet snakes.

According to the police testimony of his victim, the man raped the woman and threatened her that he would allow one of the pet snakes to bite her if she did not accept his demands.

In a twist of events, one of the snakes bit the man and killed him while he was playing with the creature in the bathtub.

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According to the authorities, the man refused to seek emergency help from medical professionals or the police and died in the hotel room.

The woman fled and lodged a police report. Investigations are ongoing.

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