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“If you look like trash, so will we” – Crazy bride demands wedding guests to spend thousands on two outfits and dress according to their weight




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A bride who is set to be married in a destination wedding at Hawaii next year has issued a rather terrifying dress code to her guests, demanding that they fork out thousands for two compulsory outfit changes for themselves and dress according to their weight.

“If you look like trash, so will we,” the bride warns as she mentions that the wedding will be “extremely upscale”. She ends the note with a rather demanding tone: “You have a year and a half to get working. No excuses.”

In the strict dress code, the bride asks guests to spend hundreds of dollars on an evening outfit for her “upscale” wedding. Besides this evening outfit, guests are also expected to fork out a considerable sum for another outfit for the couple’s wedding video.

The bride asks all guest to dress according to their weight for this wedding video and expects all female guests under 160 pounds to buy Christian Louboutin’s famous high heeled shoes with red soles. These heels retail cost between USD $540-$745 a pair.

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Female guests over 160 pounds are expected to wear all black while male guests over 160 pounds are to be attired in all camouflage. All children are to wear red, “true red, not blood orange or some !@#$,” the bride writes.

Read her full list of demands here:

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