Featured News Grandmother arrested after police find dead 20-month-old toddler "stabbed and baked in...

Grandmother arrested after police find dead 20-month-old toddler “stabbed and baked in oven”




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UPDATE: The dead toddler has since been identified as Jones’ own granddaughter, Royalty Floyd.

The police in Bolivar County, Mississippi have arrested a local grandmother after finding a dead 20-month-old girl who had been stabbed, placed in an oven and baked, in the home on Monday evening, around 7pm.

The grandmother, 48-year-old Carolyn Jones, has since been charged with first degree murder after a family member discovered the dead child in Jones’ home and alerted the police.

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Bolivar County’s sheriff department have yet to establish a motive for the horrific crime, even as they await lab results to find out whether the baking occurred before or after the death of the child.

In a press statement, Bolivar Country Sheriff Kelvin Williams told reporters: “A family member came home and saw that something had happened. They found the child in the oven and called the Shaw Police Department who in turn contacted us to assist in a homicide investigation.

“At the scene we found a 20-month-old deceased female. The official cause (of death) is still under investigation but authorities have reason to believe that the child was stabbed and burned.”

On whether a motive has been uncovered in the investigations so far, Sheriff Williams reportedly said: “We have no idea at this point. Again, we might get some closure once we sit down with the investigator and once they present that to a judge for official charges.”

Bolivar County: Baby stabbed, placed in oven

WARNING: Graphic ContentThe Bolivar County Sheriff's Department talks about the child that was reportedly stabbed and placed in an oven.Story: https://wreg.com/2018/10/16/reports-mississippi-child-stabbed-placed-in-heated-oven/

Posted by WREG News Channel 3 on Tuesday, 16 October 2018


This is not the first time that innocent children have been found dead after they were cooked in ovens in the US. Last October, a woman in Atlanta reportedly killed her two young sons by placing them in an oven and cooking them alive.

The cruel mother, Lamora Williams, called the father of the children after placing the one-year-old and two-year-old in the hot oven and showed him a gruesome video of the two toddlers being roasted alive. The toddlers did not survive.

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