Featured News Ghosts can use specifically designed smartphone apps to chat with us, paranormal...

Ghosts can use specifically designed smartphone apps to chat with us, paranormal investigator




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Kim Johnson, a paranormal investigator from Alabama, United States, claims that modern technology can not only help locate the paranormal, but also to communicate with it. Kim describes herself as “quite skeptical,” but believes that “sometimes there are things that you experience for which you have no other explanations.”

She said: “The first thing we do if someone thinks they are having paranormal experience is to use an EMF (electromagnetic field) meter to determine if there is an electrical problem in the house. And now there are applications that have that incorporated. ”

“One of the applications is made by Laxton Ghosts; some researchers from Sweden. This application has several tools, and I find it useful because it is made by genuine researchers and not by people who just try to have fun or create an app as a joke. ”

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She added that high EMF ratings are linked to hallucinations and paranoia, so the first thing you should do is “rule out the paranormal.”

Novice paranormal investigators can now also turn to the help of a teddy bear with a built-in EMF meter. The BooBuddy bear is dressed in a strange boiler suit and lights red if it detects electric fields.

There are also “spiritual box” applications that reproduce noise that ghosts can use to “communicate in real time”.

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