International Foul mouthed racist shocks commuters in London overground train with vulgar tirade...

Foul mouthed racist shocks commuters in London overground train with vulgar tirade against immigrants




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A foul mouthed English woman shocked commuters in the London Overground train on Saturday after she launched a racist tirade against Asian immigrants. Facebook user Nassima Iggoute who filmed the woman’s vile speech said that it lasted for a full 20 minutes. The video captured a small part of the vulgar rant.

Racist British Woman Screams "We Don’t Want More Immigrants" While On A Train! Uploaded October 08, 2018😂🤣🤣Too hard to take serious! Accent was killing me! ✌️ you!🤣

Posted by Brandon Blaylock on Monday, 8 October 2018

Iggoute claimed that the unnamed woman dressed in high heels had asked her group if they were British before beginning her lengthy rant.

The video by Iggoute, a teacher, showed the woman saying: “Return! Britain! F*** you all – and get that on YouTube. Get it back to civilisation, mate. Oh, I’m a Jeremy Kyle wannabe – I couldn’t give a f***. I’m British, let Britain be British. Because I’m on a train, there ain’t one f*****g British c*** on here. And what? And what? Boo hoo, you’re crying. Boo hoo, boo hoo.”

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When asked if she had anything else she wanted to add, the racist woman replied: “F*** you, f*** you b***h, f*** you.”

The foul-mouthed racist was then asked how she feels about immigrants, saying: “How do I feel about immigrants? F*** off! Britain is a small country, it’s had enough. We don’t want any more immigrants, we want Britain to be Britain.”

The video ended with the woman making hand gestures and pointing to her groin, she added: “F*** that c***, f*** it.”

The video by Iggoute was seen nearly 450,000 times before its settings were changed to became unavailable for viewing by the public. The video is however still circulating in other social media sites.

Most commenters in Iggoute’s post condemned the vulgar, xenophobic tirade of the white woman. Other however defended her suggesting that she may be drunk.

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