English hooligans: Prepare to DIE warn Russians



RUSSIAN football hooligans have issued a dire ultimatum ahead of the FIFA World Cup 2018.

The Daily Mail said the Russian fans pledged a “death sentence” against all England fans if they dare head to the tournament this summer.

The Russian hooligans known as ultras are in their thousands. They are both males and females and are ready to take on British hooligans. 

The latter are famous for their violent rampages across football tournaments world wide.

Russians have scuffled against hooligans in major tournaments.

But it they underwent extensive training in woods and townships, preparing an army of thugs to face-off with the infamous British hooligans.

The Express said thousands are gearing up to shed blood at the 21st World Cup in June.
“A shocking dive into social media has revealed.Groups of raging football hooligans from Moscow and other cities have united on ’s popular Facebook alternative, Vkontakte.com (VK), for a large scale operation.In the VK group “Russian Hooligans”, said the paper. 
The football ultras have pledged to “unleash hell” during the World Cup.
A group moderator posted: “We are starting operation ‘Mundial’. Our plan is already well underway.”
“One supposed plan involves luring England fans to Reutov, a small town near Moscow, where they would be easier targets to pick out.These types of fights are known as “Stienka na stienke” or “Wall to wall” – where two opposing sides of football hooligans slam into each other to chaotically fight it out with their bare fists.