Uncategorized Employee trips and falls into mall's shark tank during feeding time

Employee trips and falls into mall’s shark tank during feeding time




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Shoppers at the¬†Wuyue Plaza mall in Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province in China were terrified when a mall employee tripped and fell into a tank full of sharks during the sea creatures’ feeding time.

A video of the shocking incident, that was filmed by an eyewitness at the scene, shows the employee – a woman – rushing across a bridge on top of the shark tank when she trips and falls through the open feeding hatch into the tank:


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The video shows the woman flailing about in the water as the sharks in the tank swarm her, to the horror of the onlookers at the mall. The video ends with several individuals rushing to the woman’s aid, with one brave man jumping into the tank to rescue the woman.

The woman was reportedly plucked out of the water and did not sustain any injuries.

As the video of the incident began trending online, a spokesman representing the mall came out to say that the lemon sharks that inhabit the tank are not aggressive.

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