Elderly woman shot dead by hunter who mistook her for deer


A 72-year-old woman named Jane Rust was shot dead in Northwest Arkansas after a hunter mistook for deer. Rust, who had been taking pictures of the woods, was killed by 61-year-old hunter Dale Williams, last Sunday.

Speaking to the local press,¬†Sheriff Larry Jones said: “When you pull that trigger, you don’t know where it’s going to end up. The gentleman was hunting in the area and jumped a deer in that vicinity where the female was shot, he thought he’d seen a deer and shot.”

A neighbour, Charles Kerr, told reporters: “We don’t see an ambulance or a police car out in this area unless it’s usually something pretty serious. It was shocking to me. I heard the ambulance go by here yesterday and police car. I didn’t know at the time what was going on.”

According to the local press, Williams has yet to be charged and may face prosecution after ongoing investigations conclude.