Airline fires flight attendant who accepted passenger’s marriage proposal for “extremely irresponsible” behaviour


A man who proposed marriage to his flight attendant girlfriend mid-air may have cost her her job, even though his sweet romantic gesture won hearts after going viral online.

In a clip that went viral in May this year, a passenger can be seen proposing marriage to his girlfriend of 4 years, about 30 minutes after the flight she was working on took off. The air hostess looks thrilled as her boyfriend kneels on the floor in front of her and proffers an engagement ring towards her.

The passengers on board the train watch the scene intently as the man rises and bows to them before embracing his new fiancee. The flight attendant then makes an announcement revealing that she did not know that her fiance planned this and thanking her passengers for witnessing the momentous occasion.


The flight attendant’s employer, China Eastern Airlines, however fired her months after the proposal via a dismissal letter that “informed her she had ignored the safety of passengers”.

The airline allegedly claimed that the attendant’s “private romantic behaviour caused turmoil among passengers” and that she had behaved in an “extremely irresponsible” manner.

Netizens responding to the air hostess’ dismissal blasted the airline for sacking her on such grounds: