About Us

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Kumaran M. Pillai 

Kumaran is a serial entrepreneur with more than 17 years of business experience spanning the ICT and media industries.

In 2008, he won the Global ISA Award in Silicon Valley for his pioneering work in big data and predictive algorithms. He says that he was in fintech even before it it was called fintech.

His foray into publishing was after his short stint with TOC as Chief Editor in 2012.

Kumaran is currently running a venture accelerator which incubates and nurtures young startups in ASEAN.


Tan Bah Bah – Consulting Editor

Bah Bah is old enough to have used the telex, telegram, public phone before the explosion of mobile tablets and phones, journalist Tan Bah Bah can’t wait now to talk to the wall or work on air. Anything is possible in communication – and journalism. Bah Bah started as a film reviewer for the iconic Fanfare magazine for $20 a piece (bus fare not claimable). In between (the journey is far from ending), he has been a newspaper (what’s that?) reporter, editorial and feature writer, motoring writer, columnist, managing editor of a publishing company and a copy editor for SINGAPORE: The Encyclopedia.

His hobbies are films, collecting sorts of leather and compiling quotes from the most unlikely sources. His life motto is: What’s the problem?